S O P A # H O T T A B

Earn universal points from 10,000+ merchants

SoPa #HOTTAB connects users with more merchants than any other platform in Vietnam, and rewards users for online and in-store orders with points that can be used for anything, anywhere.

For Consumers For Merchants

Anything, anywhere

Our consumer app and website allow users to order and pay online or in-store by cash, credit, debit, or points with 10,000+ stores across Vietnam, using any smartphone or computer


See What You Want First

Our platform intelligently presents you with the stores, dishes, and deals best suited to you

Find Anything, Fast

Got a craving? Search for any specific food, cuisine, or store and find it instantly

Pay Your Way

Order and pay online or in-store for delivery, pickup, or dine-in, via cash, credit, debit, or points, using nothing but your phone or laptop. Leave your wallet at home!

Collect & Redeem Points

Earn points on all purchases, and spend those points on any item from any merchant on our platform

Digitize Your Store for Free

Our merchant app and website gives merchants access to millions of new users, online order and delivery management, in-store POS, supplier ordering management, and ability to access payments by cash, credit, debit, and points without the need for any equipment

It’s completely free to register your store and use our platform, and we don’t charge any commissions on orders. It also takes 5 minutes and can be done right now…what are you waiting for?

Our platform gives you all the tools you need to completely digitize your operations, no matter how big or small. Whether you have a 100-restaurant chain or a cozy ground floor cafe, we’re ready to help you grow on our comprehensive and multilingual platform

Since we connect users' cash, credit, debit, and points to our consumer app, they can pay you online or by scanning a QR code from your merchant app--no need for a card machine or POS terminal. Do you have a phone? Then you’re ready to use our entire software suite

Our unified platform and ecosystem of users gives you in-depth data-backed understanding of your customers, what they want, and when they want it. By using our in-app POS, order management, and supply management, you’ll have searchable records and insightful analytics on everything you do


Everything you need to succeed

Our POS is baked right into our merchant app, so you can run it on any phone or tablet. One app to run your whole store.



  • Get listed
  • Receive orders
  • Order from suppliers
  • 5.000.000 / month of free orders
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  • Lower fees
  • Vouchers included
  • Marketing included
  • 20.000.000 / month of free orders
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  • Lower fees
  • More vouchers
  • More marketing
  • Unlimited commission-free orders
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Get your store on SoPa #HOTTAB now by downloading the #HOTTAB Biz merchant app for Android (iOS coming soon):

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